Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Once upon a time

I used to actually consider myself an artist, way back before Big Brother came on the scene.  I haven't done much at all in the last few years, especially since PeeWee made her entrance.  Mark was out in the shed (yeah, nice) and came across a bundle of drawings and a few prints, the most recent being 1991.  Which says a lot about how little work I have done in recent years.

I'd love to have a studio but we're short on space and it's not in the budget to rent one.  Someday I'll get to have a space to play in where I can leave things out and go back to my real life.

I have to now do things which are portable and also easily picked up when the kids enter my zone.  I spent a few hours today making our Christmas cards, something I usually have done around Thanksgiving, but which I put off for a while this year.  I had trouble getting motivated but I ordered some goodies from Christina's shop and am really happy with what I got.  The cards have a smooth finish which I really liked working with.  I got the cards done quickly, I thought it was going to be a two day event but they are wrapped up now and all I have to do is get them addressed and out in the mail!  And all this before I picked up PeeWee!  

Since I have been either decorating or sorting through old bundles of paper or making cards I have done very little knitting.  I finished the first new sleeve on the cabled sweater I am chugging away on and got a little worried because I was down to one ball of yarn.  I'm not sure where my brain was because I forgot I have an entire sleeve to tink and work with.  Phew!  I immediately cast on for sleeve two and am done with the ribbing, working my way up!  If we get the least bit of cold weather I'll slap this baby on.  It has only a ribbed edging to do for finishing when I get this sleeve knocked out.  Of course no pictures, this is one long lasting knit.  If you've forgotten, it doesn't look much different from this.  I love the Cashmerino Aran, it's so nice to have in your hands, especially after working with a bunch of cotton for the preemie stuff.

And just because...

This is the yarn I won from Rhonda.  I have been meaning to post a picture.  I have about 6 things in mind I would like to make with it, so now I have to narrow it down.  I've got an appointment tomorrow with some knitting time so I plan to bring it along and get something started.  I'm thinking a simple ankle sock with a ruffle at the cuff.  Something fun just for me.