Tuesday, December 18, 2007


First, just so you don't think I have given up knitting (or documenting it) completely...

An ornament that is knit from some Kool Aid dyed yarn from a sweater for PeeWee, little leftovers.  
In this picture I can pick out 8 ornaments we made, and one that's been decorated after the fact by us.  We have an eclectic tree and I like it that way.

The tree trimmers in action.

And this weekend I did something really dumb.  I went to bring PeeWee to a birthday party on the wrong day.  It was a friend of mine, whose child is a classmate of PeeWee, and boy was I embarrassed.  After an impromptu playdate at their house, we had a small meltdown leaving because there had been no birthday cake.  I was feeling like a pretty awful mom at this point so I pulled out some mix we'd been saving and whipped up a Christmas Cake to satisfy the three year old sweet tooth.