Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Other ways to use yarn

This is cool.

I made several ornaments for The Green Project's auction this weekend.  It felt good making them even though I really pushed it back to the last minute.  I may be on time getting places but I really procrastinate.  I meant to take pictures but I got sidetracked.  Since I am getting good at asking you to use your imagination, I knit up some balls and stuffed them with polyfill so they look like a glass ornament, complete with the curved loop on top.  Used leftover sock yarns.  Part of the recycle theme they so fully support, in a way.

I think we've all recovered around here.  It was an exciting day Sunday.  PeeWee's refusal to eat or drink anything the whole weekend landed her in the ER getting an IV at 4 in the morning Sunday.  She perked up completely and has been herself but we are still recovering from the exhaustion of a sick toddler.  She likes to scare us to death.

We have her cardiology appointments coming up soon and all I kept thinking about as I watched her feel worse and worse the weekend through was that dehydration can really mess with your heart rhythm.  It made me one anxious mama.  The ER staff was wonderful, helpful and very nice to us.  I think the appearance of a 3 year old at 4AM was an unusual event for them.  And when she started wailing so loud you could hear her practically out on the street everyone stuck their head in to see how they could calm her down.  They were a nice bunch.