Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two posts in two days?

Yes, it's me, I haven't been taken over by aliens or anything.  Just showing off today's handy work.  

I made a headband. It was some leftover yarn from some socks from ages ago, shipped off to Kathleen in a Rowan yarn exchange. It's Cherry Tree Hill yarn and I love the colors.  A little i-cord widened into a little 'V' which went into seed stitch band and back down into another 'V' and finishing with an i-cord which ties nicely into a headband.  Simple as pie!  I wore it all afternoon and forgot it was there, a nice thing with a headband.  They usually bug the heck out of me and end up in PeeWee's playbox.

I also started a mitten with the prize yarn.  Not that we need mittens around here, but they are light enough that when it's chilly and I walk to go get coffee I can keep my hands warm.  The self-striping is making me happy.  The colors are so me.  And they match the house, an all important thing in my world.  I was going to make socks, but I wanted to be able to look at them when I wear them.  I am easily amused.  These may take a while because they will be my traveling knitting.  And on DPN's they must be hidden when PeeWee is in range.

I am down to only huge home bound projects so I really did need to start something portable.  They say it's going to get cold so I need to pick up the pace with my sleeve.  I'm about 3 inches into it, so I have some work left.  It may be the next cold snap when I get to wear this sweater.

Tomorrow I am going out into the world to do some shopping.  I need to gather some storage containers for the yarn closet organizing I am doing so I am going to brave the world of holiday shoppers and leave the house.  I figured I will hit the mall too while I am in the neighborhood.  It depends on if I find a parking spot though.  My main criteria this time of year.  I usually avoid any shopping unless it's really required but some twisted part of me wants to go to the mall.  Huh.  I must be coming down with something.